How to Help Somebody to Get Sober

When somebody you care about is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, they are not just gambling with their own life. Those close to the addict, including you, are affected by their actions and can also suffer health and relationship problems. It’s not uncommon for a friend or family member to have problems at work.

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It’s more than just distracting when somebody you care about is throwing their life away to addiction. In fact, distracting is just the earlier stages. The worse an addiction develops, the deeper the problems become for everybody.

Addiction takes complete control over a person, and your loved one is not the same person they once were. You want that person back, but it won’t happen on its own.

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The only way you can help somebody to get sober is to raise their own awareness about the situation. Not just that they are struggling with addiction, but the consequences that their actions have had on others. Finally, you need to support him or her into making the right decisions. Letting them know that they can get sober, and that you (and others) are there to help… is the only way to change directions.

Planning an Intervention

* Include as many people as possible. Friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors should all be asked to participate

* Consult with an intervention specialist to have a carefully organized intervention and to prepare all who are participating for any defensive attacks

* Provide the addict with brochures and information on treatment for addiction. Encourage consideration of rehab, and explain how this is the only way that will effectively help them get sober

* Be prepared with several real life examples of how their addiction has caused problems for themselves and others

* Allow the addict to speak in between those who are confronting him or her.

* Put your foot down on their behavior. It’s important you stress that until they are ready to change, you can not let their behavior become your problem any more.

* Don’t expect the addict to react to an intervention the way you are hoping. They will need to withdraw and reflect, and it could take time, but they will not immediately decide they are ready to get sober.

Ascension House – Sober Living Austin is a newly renovated sober living home in the heart of Austin, TX. We offer a safe and supportive environment for those seeking to maintain their sobriety. Our comfortable setting and close proximity to downtown make it easy for residents to get to meetings, appointments, and other amenities.

Participating in an intervention is the most you can do to start the process that will result in the decision to get sober. Ultimately, somebody can not decide they need to change without a rude awakening… and the next thing you need to do is wait patiently, while firmly isolating yourself from any of the drama or stress related to their addiction, for their ambitious decision to quit drinking or using drugs.

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